Riedel Wine Glass Virtual Tasting - Confirmation Details

Thank you for signing up for our virtual RIEDEL PERFORMANCE glass tasting! You should have received your wines by this time and your RIEDEL PERFORMANCE 4-glass Tasting Set is shipping this week. Both the wines and the glasses are needed for the virtual tasting.


You will need 2 wines for the seminar: 4 ounces per wine, per person. Note: There are six 4oz pours per bottle, so you will have plenty to share or save for later. Please follow our rule and chill white & red wines in the refrigerator for a minimum of 2 hours; bringing the wines to the same temperature. The Pinot will have ample time to come to the perfect serving temperature.

Wine selection - one bottle of each:

  • 2018 Peters Vineyard, Russian River Valley Chardonnay
  • 2017 Russian River Valley, Pinot Noir

Prepare your glasses once received: Identify the four styles, find the recommended varietal on the base of the glass. We suggest that you wash the glasses in your dishwasher before your comparative tasting, making sure no interfering cardboard smell disrupts the delicate wine aromas. Please use your standard dishwasher, as all RIEDEL glasses are dishwasher safe! RIEDEL glasses are delicate so please use caution as well.

No less than 30 minutes before the Zoom meeting, set up your tasting station:

  • Find a clear, clean area of the home with 2ft. linear table or counter space (per person) and good Wi-Fi!
  • Remove the “tasting mat” found inside the box, unfold, and place each glass on the corresponding circle on the mat.
  • Open the wines and have them ready at your workspace. Do not pour them yet! We suggest having a spittoon near your tasting mat.
  • Enjoy responsibly!

Finally, try to minimize distractions (we know there are many during these days of quarantine) and get ready to enjoy the workshop!

On September 17th, at 5pm PT, please click the link below to join the Zoom meeting:

Join Zoom Meeting
or cut and paste this link to your browser: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/82761188173?pwd=ZStxYTlHckpVVmE0eEtkWkJSajFRUT09

Meeting ID: 827 6118 8173
Password: 532412

Find your local number

Last - sit back and enjoy the wines and the seminar! We are so pleased to welcome you!

Your Papapietro Perry Family & Your RIEDEL Team

Questions? Email us!

Looking for some perfect pairings? Try Chef Jim May's Salmon Wellington with Red Wine Duxelles - created exclusively for this seminar, these delicious burgers pair amazing with both wines! Two fantastic cheese pairings are the Marin French Petite Mustard Goat Cheese with the Peters Vineyard Pinot Noir or the Point Reyes TomaTruffle with the Russian River Valley Pinot Noir! All winners!

Wine glasses, Pinot and Chardonnay
Riedel Wine Tasting Kit!

Riedel Wine Glass Seminar
Wine Club Manager Kristen talking glassware with Riedel Ambassador Susan!

Riedel Wine Glass Seminar
RIEDEL PERFORMANCE 4-glass Tasting Set

Salmon Wellington
A perfect pairing - Chef Jim May's Salmon Wellington with Red Wine Duxelles