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Weren't able to catch Papapietro Perry LIVE? Check out our previous LIVE streaming videos below. Everything you wanted to know about Papapietro Perry featuring Ben Papapietro (Winemaker), Kristen (Wine Club manager) and our winery staff!

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Ben and Kristen Wine Wednesday WhateverApr. 7 Wine Wednesday Whatever

Kristen with Cathy and Pete SeghesioMar. 24 Wine Wednesday Whatever

Kristen with John BucherMar. 17 Wine Wednesday Whatever

Kristen and Dave Mar. 3 WWWMar. 3 Wine Wednesday Whatever

Kristen and John Finger Feb. 17 WWWFeb. 17 Wine Wednesday Whatever

Kristen and Dave Feb. 3 WWWFeb. 3 Wine Wednesday Whatever

Jan 13 Wine Wednesday KristenJan. 13 Wine Wednesday Whatever

Dec. 16 Wine Wednesday Ben and KristenDec. 16 Wine Wednesday Whatever

Dec. 9 Wine Wednesday Renae Petra BenDec. 9 Wine Wednesday Whatever

Dec. 2 Wine Wednesday Ben KristenDec. 2 Wine Wednesday Whatever

Nov 25 Wine Wednesday Kristen BenNov. 25 Wine Wednesday Whatever

Nov 18 Wine Wednesday Kristen BenNov. 18 Wine Wednesday Whatever

Nov. 11 Wine Wednesday Kristen Chris Sawyer BenNov. 11 Wine Wednesday Whatever

Nov. 4 Wine Wednesday Kristen LeslieNov. 4 Wine Wednesday Whatever

Oct. 30 Weekly Update Kristen Oct. 30 Weekly Update

Oct. 28 Wine Wednesday Kristen, Ben and Domenica CatelliOct. 28 Wine Wednesday Whatever

Oct. 23 Weekly Update Kristen Ben Tyson Oct. 23 Weekly Update

Oct. 21 Wine Wednesday Kristen and BenOct. 21 Wine Wednesday Whatever

Oct. 16 Weekly Update Kristen Oct. 16 Weekly Update

Oct. 16 Wine Wednesday Kristen Jeff Davis and BenOct. 14 Wine Wednesday Whatever

Oct. 9 weekly update Kristen and Firefighters Oct. 9 Weekly Update

Oct. 7 Wine Wednesday Kristen and JimOct. 7 Wine Wednesday Whatever

Oct. 7 Weekly Update Kristen Oct. 2 Weekly Update

Sept. 30 Wine Wednesday Dan and BenSept. 30 Wine Wednesday Whatever

Sept 24 Weekly Update Kristen Sept. 24 Weekly Update

Sept. 23 Wine Wednesday Kristen Volo ChocolateSept. 23 Wine Wednesday Whatever

Sept 18 Weekly Update Kristen Ben Sept. 18 Weekly Update

Sept. 16 Wine Wednesday Kristen RenaeSept. 16 Wine Wednesday Whatever

September 12 Weekly Update Kristen Ben Sept. 12 Weekly Update

September 9 Wine Wednesday Kristen Ben SteveSept. 9 Wine Wednesday Whatever

Sept. 3 Weekly Update Kristen LucindoSept. 3 Weekly Update

Wine Whatever Wednesday Ben and KristenSept. 2 Wine Wednesday Whatever

August 28 Weekly update Kristen August 28 Weekly Update

August 26 Wine Wednesday Ben KristenAugust 26 Wine Wednesday Whatever

August 21 weekly update KristenAugust 21 Weekly Update

August 19 Wine Wednesday Ben Kristen Valley Ford Creamery August 19 Wine Wednesday Whatever

August 15 Weekly Update Kristen August 15 Weekly Update

August 12 Wine Wednesday Whatever Ben and KristenAugust 12 Wine Wednesday Whatever

August 7 Weekly Update Kristen Ben August 7 Weekly Update

August 5 Wine Wednesday WhateverAugust 5 Wine Wednesday Whatever

July 31 Weekly Update Kristen DaveJuly 31 Weekly Update

July 29 Weekly Update Kristen Laura Chenel cheeseJuly 29 Wine Wednesday Whatever

Kristen July 25 weekly updateJuly 25 Weekly Update

July 22 Wine Wednesday Kristen Sonya PazJuly 22 Wine Wednesday Whatever

july 17 Weekly Update KristenJuly 17 Weekly Update

July 15 Wine Wednesday Kristen Pt Reyes CheeseJuly 15 Wine Wednesday Whatever

July 11 weekly update Kristen Nick LerasJuly 11 Weekly Update

Wine Wednesday Ben Kristen Dustin Valette July 8 Wine Wednesday Whatever

July 3 Weekly Update KristenJuly 4 Weekly Update

July 1 Wine Wednesday Ben KristenJuly 1 Wine Wednesday Whatever

June 26 Weekly Update KristenJune 26 Weekly Update

June 24 Wine Wednesday Julia KristenJune 24 Wine Wednesday Whatever

June 20 Weekly Update with KristenJune 20 Weekly Update

June 17 Wine Wednesday Whatever Ben kristenJune 17 Wine & Whatever Wednesday

June 12 winery weekly updateJune 12 Weekly Update

“WineJune 10 Wine & Whatever Wednesday

Winery weekly June 5 update with KristenJune 5 Weekly Update

Wine Wednesday Whatever Kristen and Vinny MartinelliJune 4 Wine & Whatever Wednesday

May 31 Weekly Update with KristenMay 31 Weekly Update

May 21 Pinot Time with Ben and KristenMay 28 Pinot Time

May 26 Tuesday in the Cellar Ben and KristenMay 26 Tuesday in the Cellar

May 24 Weekly Update with KristenMay 24 Weekly Update

May 21 Pinot Time with Ben and KristenMay 21 Pinot Time

May 19 Tuesday in the Cellar with Ben, Yolanda and KristenMay 19 Tuesday in the Cellar

May 17 Weekly Update with KristenMay 17 Weekly Update

May 14 Pinot Time Ben and KristenMay 14 Pinot Time

May 12 Tuesday in Cellar with Ben and KristenMay 12 Tuesday in the Cellar

May 9 Weekly Update with KristenMay 9 Weekly Update

Pinot Time May with Wendy Ben and KristenMay 7 Pinot Time

May 5 Tuesday in the Cellar Ben and KristenMay 5 Tuesday in the Cellar

May 1 Weekly Update with KristenMay 1 Weekly update

Pinot Time April 30 Ben KristenApril 30 Pinot Time

April 28 Tuesday in Cellar Ben Kristen RenaeApril 28 Tuesday in the Cellar

April 25 Weekly Update with KristenApril 25 Weekly Update

April 23 Pinot Time Ben Kristen RandyApril 23 Pinot Time with Randy Peters

April 21 Tuesday in the Cellar with Ben & KristenApril 21 Tuesday in the Cellar

April 18 Weekly Update with KristenApril 18 Weekly Update

Pinot Time with Ben and Kristen April 16April 16 Pinot Time

Tuesday in the Cellar Ben and Kristen April 13April 14 Tuesday in the Cellar

Kristen Weekly Update April 13April 13 Weekly Update

Kristen Weekly Update April 8April 8 Weekly Update

April 3 Pinot Time with Ben and KristenApril 3 Pinot Time

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Ben Papapietro & Kristen Greenberg - hanging out with wine!