Peters Vineyard is one of Papapietro Perry’s long-standing vineyard relationships. When we first bought grapes from the vineyard it was owned by Tom Mukaida, a third-generation farmer whom we sadly lost in 2013. Tom began his farming career with apples. In the early 1980s, his son-in-law Randy Peters convinced him there was a future in grapes and encouraged him to convert his orchards into vineyards. An unassuming Japanese-American who was interned during World War II, Tom chose not to have his name on the vineyard. Rather it was named Peters Vineyard for his son-in-law Randy who leased the vineyard from him. Randy’s vineyard expertise, coupled with Tom’s finely honed farming skills and this ideal vineyard location continue to result in exceptional grapes.

Our Mukaida Pinot Noir represents "the best of the best" from the Peters Vineyard and was so named to honor Tom Mukaida. This humble unassuming farmer, who through his remarkable cultivation skills on land he loved, produced some of the best Pinot Noir grown anywhere. Thank you Tom, and thank you Randy, for keeping Tom's legacy alive.

Pinot Noir ~ Mukaida ~ Russian River Valley
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